New Zealand

Amongst the first of the wider Pursey family to settle in New Zealand was Joseph Hewlett Percy and his wife Esther Mary Pearce. They set sail from London on Oct 2, 1841 with their four children Joseph, Elizabeth, Henry and Eunice. They arrived in Wellington on Feb 17, 1842.

Like his father Joseph, he was a carpenter. He settled in Petone, Lower Hutt. At first, all went well and he acquired a flour milling business. However, life must have become increasingly difficult for in 1869, he had his solicitor declare him insolvent. The did recover though, establishing his family – and thereafter a considerable number of descendants in the country. A potted biography of Joseph Hewlett and his family can be found here

Later came one of the descendants of William Pursey and Hannah Hawkins of Shapwick, Somerset. Thomas William Pursey emigrated in the mid 1850s. (His parents were James Pursey & Lucy Ann Frampton). Accompanied by his younger sister Fanny, he arrived in Lyttleton near Christchurch on May 5, 1857. He married Sarah Ann Cone and went to find his fortune in the gold field there. He died at Rangioria, New Zealand in 1909.

Thomas and sister Fanny followed their older sister Sarah who married George Stothert Bartrum. Having married in London in 1851, the Bartrums emigrated on board the ship Stag for Canterbury and Wellington, New Zealand in 1852.

Unfortunately, his sister Fanny did not lead such a long life. She married Edward John Jones in 1857 in Christchurch. It seems she and her husband were on their way back to England when their ship went down near Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia.

More info on Thomas and his sister Sarah can be found here

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