William Pursey & Ann Taylor

The family of William Pursey and Ann Taylor

William was the eldest son of William Pursey and Hannah Hawkins, born 1770. A yeoman (farmer), he died in 1827, leaving his wife Ann the west end of his house called the Barn, land to his his sons William, James, and John as well as to his daughters Rebecca, Frances, Jane, and a house to daughter Ann Badman.

William and Ann married in Walton in 1797.

Eldest of their seven children, James, a thatcher, married Lucy Ann Frampton in May 1826. They in turn had eight children – Keziah, Sarah, Henry, John, Thomas William, Frances, Susan and Joanna – all of whom lived well into adulthood.

Keziah married David Westlake. She lived and died in Somerset. Sarah married George S Bartrum. They emigrated to New Zealand.

Henry married Ann Howe, and John, Sarah Jane Davey. Both remained in Somerset.

Thomas married Sarah Ann Cone, having seven children.

Frances (Fanny) married Edward John Jones. They married in Christchurch, New Zealand but their life was tragically cut short when returning to England in 1872, the ship they were on, sank en route in the waters off Indonesia.

Susan married James Lock, whilst Joanna married Cornelius Vinnell. Both sisters remained in Somerset.

After James came four daughters: Ann – who married Benjamin Badman, Rebecca, Frances who married John Young and Jane Taylor who married John Porter.

Next in line was John. He married Elizabeth Young. He died at just 28 years of age in 1836.

The youngest, William, married Elizabeth Ann Godfrey, having four children – Julia, Elizabeth Ann, John and Joseph.