Thomas Pursey & Frances Frampton/Ann Gallop

The family of Thomas Pursey.

Thomas was the third son of William Pursey and Hannah Hawkins, born 1776 in Shapwick.

His first wife was Frances Frampton. She died in 1799 giving birth to their only son Francis Frampton Pursey.

Francis Frampton married Nancy Ann Gallop in 1823. Between 1824 and 1842, they had eight children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Francis, George Gallop, Hannah, Joseph, Theodore and Mary Alice. On Nancy’s death in 1856, he remarried – widow Sarah Cullen in her parish of Greinton. Listed as a labourer, he gave his father Thomas’s occupation as stonemason.

Francis and Nancy’s eldest child, Elizabeth, married Theophilis Plenty. Sarah seemingly never married. She died in Wandsworth, London in 1890. Likewise son Francis who died in Ashcott, Somerset in 1897.

George Gallop married Mary Ann Browning. He died in Ontario, Canada in 1919.

Hannah married Silas Pitman.

Joseph and Theodore both went to find their fortune in Australia. Joseph married Annie Lang in Coraki, New South Wales in 1869 whilst Theodore married Ann White Norster.

Youngest Mary Alice died aged just 16 in 1858 in Somerset.

Thomas’s second wife was Mary Palmer whom he married in ascot in 1803.

They had five children: Hannah, William, Cornelius, Elizabeth and Thomas.

Hannah married Uriah Frampton. Interestingly, a Mary Palmer was witness.

Cornelius married Mary Marks. They had five children: William, Elizabeth, Charles, Jane and Frederick.

What happened to William and his younger sister and brother Elizabeth and Thomas is a mystery.