William Pursey & Hannah Hawkins

William died in 1792 in Shapwick, Somerset.

Having married Hannah in 1769, they had seven children – the first were William, James and Thomas. They are perhaps, the most-researched Purseys. On the other hand, little is known of their three sisters Hannah Mary and Sarah or younger brother Joseph.

The posts below aim to pull together all the research on William, James and Thomas and their descendents, add some new facts and hopefully, clarify some of the conflicting information out there.

Grateful thanks to Stuart Bartrum. Do visit his Stuart Bartrum’s site for later Pursey descendants from Walton and Street.

4 thoughts on “William Pursey & Hannah Hawkins”

  1. I am a descendent of William and Hannah Hawkins Pursey also, my father was Metford C Pursey, his father was Adolphus, his father was Thomas who’s father was Henry, is father was James who is the son of William and ann Taylor who was the oldest son of William and Hannah I am very interested in learning more about my family and I have some secrets to share

    1. Hello
      I am a direct descendant of William Pursey and Hannah Hawkins, my great grandmother was Phoebe Annie Rebecca Pursey born 1871 in Shapwick.
      Would love to share your secrets and I may have other relatives to add to your tree

  2. I’ve just discovered this site (with great excitement!) and I’m a direct descendant of William and Hanah Hawkins. I’ll study the posts when I’ve a little more time and will comment further.

    I have their children as William (1770), Thomas (5 Jan 1773), James (1775), Hanah (1779), Joseph (1782), Mary (1785) and Sarah (1788).

    Someone gave me William’s parents as Joseph and Hanah Langford, but they were born in the 1690’s which would make them too old to be William’s parents… possibly they were grandparents and much more research is required.

    My information probably has some errors, but I’m happy to share my tree with anyone interested.

    Graham Pursey

    1. Thanks for getting in touch Graham. I’ll be interested to see your comments.

      The more people who do comment on the forum means more opportunities to uncover some of those Pursey secrets and brick walls that have so long frustrated us – especially those trying to go back beyond William and Hannah – for so long

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