Pitminster & West Buckland

I’ve been sat on these trees a long time. The delay arises because of the fact that the whole Pitminster tree is very large (about 60 or so pages) and that it took so long to put together. Hence once I’d finished it, I didn’t feel like revisiting it anytime soon!

I’ve been spurred into action by an enquiry from Australia. So here are the first two:

My own family tree which begins with Thomas Pursey, b 1787, Pitminster, Somerset. He was the base-born son of Sarah Dummet and married Sarah Whitefield. My Pursey Tree

Also posted is the tree of Thomas Pursey, b 1760, West Buckland, Somerset. He married Eleanor Studley. Pitminster_Thos&Eleanor

It’s possible that both are linked by Richard Pursey, b 1719, Trull, Somerset and his father Henry, b 1695, West Buckland who married Margaret Cleves.