For the most part, all Pursey roads eventually lead back to Somerset.

The earliest cluster originate in Bradford-on-Tone in the late 1500s. From there there are links to Taunton, West Buckland, Trull and Halse. However with records somewhat sketchy, it remains to find a definitive line of descent linking these later branches with that of Bradford.

Many of these early Purseys were agricultural labourers. From there some became weavers and tailors (West Buckland) and shoe-makers and cordwainers (Taunton and later Walton and Street). A sizeable core joined the navy and armed forces (Taunton) and travelled abroad. These Purseys are especially hard to pin down and it is hoped that DNA testing may identify where their descendants ended up.

To this day, there are still Purseys living in Somerset and neighbouring Devon.