The Hertfordshire Purseys were a relatively wealthy family, living in Welwyn. Heading up this tree is George (d 1598) and his sister Margaret.

George had eight children by his wife Hellen: Thomas, Margaret, Anis, Henry (Harry), Clement, George, Anne and Salathiel.

Eldest son Thomas married Elizabeth Eeles in North Mimms in 1613. Their son Thomas married Alice Fyshe in 1649. They in turn had a daughter Alice but no known other children.

Second son Henry married Joane Dane in 1612. They had five children: Edward, Martha, Henry, Hellen and Jesper. Edward and Jesper died in childhood whilst Henry married Katherine ___.

Henry and Katherine had twelve children: Hellen, John, Thomas (i), Mary, George, Jane Henry, Frances, Katherine, Elizabeth (i), Elizabeth (ii) and Thomas (ii).

John, Thomas (i) and George died in childhood. The fate of Henry is unknown.

Thomas (ii), an inn-holder, married Susannah ___ and had eight children: William, Elizabeth, Susan, Henry, Mary, Martha, Thomas and Ann(ie).

William married Audrey Burd at St Benet, Paul’s Wharf, London in 1725. He too was an innholder, owning the White Hart Inn in Welwyn. He was indentured to John Pame, citizen and joiner of London in 1712. At the end of his life, he was a ‘maltster’, a business he passed on to his son William in his will. The White Hart , he passed on to his son John.

William and Audrey had seven children: William, John, Susannah, Ann, Martha, Mary, and Sarah. Of the two sons, John died childless in 1759. The fate of William is unknown. Thomas and Susannah’s son Henry married Sarah Vaughn in 1712.

In his will, John passed the White Hart to Raoul Taylor, husband of his sister Ann and friends James Swain and William Axtoll to be sold and the money divided equally between sisters Susannah, Ann, Martha and Mary.

Henry had two children Thomas and George with wife Sarah Vaughan. The fate of both remains unknown. Thomas and Susannah’s youngest son Thomas was born in 1692. His fate is unknown.

George and Hellen’s third son Clement married Anne Waterman in 1622. They had three daughters: Mary, Elizabeth and Anne.

Fourth son George had four children: Elizabeth, George, Mary and Samuel. The fate of the two sons is unknown.