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For the lucky few, finding their Pursey forebears will be straightforward. For others, the process is more tortuous. For example, you may well find your ancestor lurking under various transcriptions such as: Pussey, Purssey, Parsey, Persey, Pursy, Piercey, Persie, Percy, Percey, Purcy, and even Pinsey!

Places can be confusing too: Walton, Wilton, and Williton have been home to various Purseys in the past. They are all in different areas of Somerset – as are Bathealton (near Taunton) and Batheaston (east of Bath). You’ll find Purseys in the former but not in the latter!

Trees from various Pursey branches are posted here. Originally, they were posted in pdf format but as the branches expanded this became unmanageable.

All trees – 26 separate branches – are now posted on the Pursey Project database – as follows (all Purseys unless otherwise stated):

  1. Berks/Hants Updated 2 Dec 2016
  2. Bucks  – starts with Richard and Johanna Pusey in Penn 1750
  3. Cornwall
  4. Devon_Persey
  5. Devon_Pursey – Now a complete one-family tree, starting with John b 1742 and his wife Ann. Beware – I have made a number of assumptions for some relationships, for which there is no current proof. Please be sure to read the notes on each individual. No obvious connection to Devon Perseys, Percys, Pears(c)eys, Piers(c)ey etc! Updated 4 Dec 2016
  6. Herts – Starts with George Pursye (d 1598). Subsequent wills are all signed Pursey
  7. Kent – The descendents of Joseph Purssey (b 1785) and Avice Seymour
  8. Notts Updated 24 Jan 2016
  9. Somerset_Pitminster & West Buckland – Updated 5 Nov 2016
  10. Somerset_Bradford-on-Tone – Amongst the earliest recorded Purseys in Somerset (includes Halse and Awliscombe, Devon) Added 27 Sep 2015
  11. Somerset_Stogumber_Pursseys – This tree shows the descendants of William Purssey and Emlin Routley
  12. Somerset_TSJ_Jane
  13. Somerset_TSM_Carpenters (includes and incorporates tree of Benjamin of Gt Castle Street) Updated 5 Nov 2016
  14. Somerset_TSM_Edmonds_et_al (Includes three trees – John & Eliz Pordue, Christopher and Joan White, and William & Mary Hamlin) Updated 30 Oct 2015 (includes new info)
  15. Somerset_Walton_Street – Perhaps the most widely documented Pursey line, it starts with William Pursey (b Shapwick) and Hannah Hawkins. Revised + updated 26 Jul 2015 with family John & Elizabeth Young, Ontario + detail (Thanks to Sheila B. & Stuart B. for help with this branch generally.)
  16. Strays_Pursey Updated 2 Dec 2016
  17. Strays_Purssey
  18. Z_Old Percies_Gunpowder Tom – I’ve posted this tree as it does provide a link – albeit tenuous – between the Purseys and the Percies. Robert Percy, son of Thomas, the plotter, married Emma Meade in Wiveliscombe, Somerset and had four known children: Francis, Ann, Thomas and James. Only offspring of Francis are known. His line eventually died out in Cambridge, England
  19. Z_Old Percies_Shaftesbury
  20. Z_Old Percies_Weymouth
  21. Z_Old Percies_Wimbourne

Please do get in touch, if you have any additional information or you have any queries about the dates/details given.