Thomas Pitman Percy, d 1832, Sherborne

This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Pitman Percy of Sherborne in the County of Dorset Gentleman. I Give devise and bequeath unto my Daughter Maria … premises … situate in Newland in Sherborne aforesaid … As to all that Dwellinghouse … that I now occupy also the dwellinghouse in the occupation of John Creese etc also the lumber house … Also the cottage … before it [was] occupied by John Walters … unto … my said daughter Maria Percy … And I order and direct that a wall shall be built from the quoin of the East side … to stop all communication and passage between my said Daughter’s premises and my son Georges … the expense of the wall to be jointy … paid by my said Daughter and Son … and after his decease to apply to apply the rents and profits thereof … for the maintenance and education of all the children of my said Son George …

I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Mills … the sum of three shillings a week … to commence immediately on my decease. I give unto my son William Percy the sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds to be paid to him at the end of three years after my decease … I give unto my said son George the sum of Two hundred pounds to be paid him at the end of three years … And as to all the rest residue and remainder … I Give … unto my Daugther Maria … And I appoint her sole Executrix … And I do declare that if either of my said children shall give unnecessary trouble …. then I hereby revoke the devise … and in lieu thereof I bequeath one shilling

In Witness whereof I have to each sheet of this my Will … and to this last my seal also this twenty sixth day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty one.

At Sherborne on the 12th day of July 1832Maria Percy Spr the sole Executrix herein named was duly sworn before me. M Marsh


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  1. I have long thought that there is something more than a little intriguing about Thomas Pitman. For instance, the fact that he started out a Pursey and became a Percy. And then he has two daughters Mary and Maria – both of whom lived to be over 60. (Perhaps he wanted to establish his catholic credentials with his second daughter.)

    And then in his will, he divides up his house between Maria and his son George, so that there should be no “communication and passage” between them. As for William, well, he seems to just cast him adrift – admittedly with £250 three years after his death.

    But what about eldest child and daughter Mary? She married one George Mills in 1803.

    It seems that he may not have been entirely happy with Thomas’s bequest to Mary and perhaps, wanted to get his hands on more of Thomas’s money for the record shows him to have hounded Maria over a considerable time.

    Documents attest that Maria had to go so far as top get a ‘restraining order’ against George. He was put in prison for whatever offences he had committed and when the case against him came to be considered, the court found in Maria’s favour, binding him “to keep the peace and be of good behaviour … especially towards the said Maria Percy for the term of two years and that he be continued imprisioned for such two years unless such securities be sooner found”.

  2. Hi JM

    Thanks for getting in touch. Thomas Pitman and his father Thomas are, I believe, Purseys and not Percies.

    I believe they came from a family of carpenters originating in Taunton, Somerset. I think that on moving to Sherborne and becoming aware of several long-standing branches of the Percy family, Thomas Senior became convinced he was linked to them and went so far as to change the spelling of his name to reflect this.

    There is more info about Thomas Senior elsewhere on the site here – although as you will see, the facts about him are far from straightforward!

    I have also posted a tree of this branch of the family showing forbears and descendants.

    If you turn up anything that can shed more light on them, be sure to let us know!

  3. I have found Thomas Pitman son of Thomas and Rebecca no SURNAME baptised 26 Dec 1754 in Sherborne Parish Records – however, i also found a Thomas Percy Baptised 31 Jul 1749 (same register) also with parents Thomas and Rebekah however, surname spelt PURSY. If the two Thomas’s were brothers – i can’t find a death record for the 1754 Thomas. Thomas and Rebecca are my husband’s 5th Great GrandParents – so if possible – any information you can give would be appreciated.

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