Thomas Perc(e)y, d 1810, Sherborne

Where there’s a will …

A good number of Percy researchers are interested in the link between the Taunton Purseys and the Percies in Sherborne. The will of Thomas Percy, husband of Rebecca Pitman, might help to fit a couple more pieces in the jigsaw.

Thomas died around 1810. In his will of September 1809, he describes himself a joiner and cabinet maker. After the usual preamble, he leaves all his household goods and possessions, houses tenements and orchard in Bristol Road to his son Joseph and daughter Ann, his executors. His son Thomas [Pitman], it appears, was living with him at the time of him making his will.

He gives Ann, his bed and furniture and clock and case and burow and ‘tabels’ and chairs and a pear glass “and this goods is not to be sold, nor she is not to give it away but the goods is to return to her brother Joseph Percy”.

He leaves Joseph his “tools, benches and whatsoever belongs to the trade”, adding as an afterthought “and the shops”. To sons Daniel, Thomas and John, he leaves one shilling each!

Interestingly, he signs himself Thos Percey.