Some notable dates in relation to the Pursey name

1544 Evat Pursey married Yensy Jeane in Chard, Somerset
1546 Elizabeth Pursey married Andrew Lucas in Milverton, Somerset
1575 Ambrose Pursey married Emma Meare in Bradford on Tone, Somerset (Purseys in Bradford till 1750)
1598 Filed will of George Purseye of Welwyn Leggatts, Hertfordshire
1603 Elizabeth I/James VI
1605 Thomas Percy, gunpowder plotter died Holbeach House, Staffordshire
1610 – 20 ‘King James Bible’ is published, Shakespeare dies, ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ sail for America in the ‘Mayflower’
1615 Son of Thomas, Robert Percy married Emma Mead in Wiveliscombe, Somerset
1641 – 42 Protestation Returns
1642 – 51 English Civil War
1653 Oliver Cromwell comes to power

1656, William, son of William Pursey and Sarah, born Halse, Somerset
1660s Restoration period, Great Fire of London
1678 William Purssey married Dorcas Gilbert, Taunton, Somerset
1665 – 66 Great Plague of London
1688 Sarah, daughter of John Pursey, born in Pitminster, Somerset
1695, Mary, daughter of Christopher and wife Joan born in Bishop’s Hull, Somerset
1707 Act of Union
1793 – 1802 Anglo-French War
1805 Battle of Trafalgar

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