Welcome to the Pursey Project

I started researching my Pursey ancestors about 10 years ago. I hit the inevitable brick wall and my wider researches led me into a one-name study which was subsequently registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

The main aim of the study is to research all Pursey name-bearers worldwide. The aim of this website is to share the results of my research and to provide a resource to others trying to track their ancestors through their own brick walls.There are several components to the study:

  • Data: to collect all available information on individuals bearing the Pursey surname and its variants – Purssey, Purse, Percy, Percie, Persey
  • Analysis: to use the data to understand the distribution, history & origins of the Pursey surname & its variants
  • Genealogy: to re-construct family trees and identify the different branches of the name bearers
  • DNA: to explore the genetic source(s) for bearers of the Pursey surname – with the aim of consolidating the branches into a bigger tree
  • Collaboration: to become a focus and forum for all those researching the surname and a place to share research, information, knowledge and family stories

Please register your interest and I will keep you updated on progress

Nic Pursey
pursey at one-name.org

This study is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies which also hosts this website and the Data Archive for the Study

Purseys of the Past

Hilda Maud Pursey, b 1888, daughter of Frederick John Pursey & Clara Alexandra Shore (with thanks to Elizabeth T)